Germinator's Process is Scientifically Proven Effective Against Germs, Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens and Odors
Advanced Protection for surfaces, air and you.
Germinator uses advanced anti-microbial science and our own patent-pending methodology to not only sanitize and disinfect, but provide proven, next-level protection against harmful germs. To safely kill viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.
And create a more livable, touchable Germinator Safe Zone.
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Latest News & Articles
New Mexico at the Top of the U.S. Vaccine Rollouts
New Mexico at the Top of the U.S. Vaccine Rollouts April 09, 2021

Reports show that 50% of the residents 16 and older have gotten the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine as New Mexico authorities plan on expanding their vaccine distribution efforts with new vaccination clinics and additional services.

The Number of COVID-19 Vaccines Given Out in New Mexico Rises Significantly
The Number of COVID-19 Vaccines Administered in New Mexico Rises Significantly March 19, 2021

Almost a million COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed all across New Mexico. Around 21% of New Mexicans have been fully vaccinated, 34.5% have received at least one shot of the two-shot vaccines and the number of vaccinated residents increases ...

Nearly 20,000 Doses Of Third Vaccine Arrive In New Mexico
Nearly 20,000 Doses of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Arrived In New Mexico March 03, 2021

With effectiveness of around 70% in moderate and severe cases, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is considered a huge asset in the fight against COVID-19. New Mexicans hope that with its arrival, the situation might change for the better.

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