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Invisible enemies are everywhere
Germinator mobile sanitizing & disinfecting
Is a broad-spectrum disinfection, sanitizing and deodorization provider. Our unique two-step process is safe and highly effective. The first step harnesses the power of hypochlorous acid (HOCI) to disinfect and sanitize. The second step applies an invisible microbial coating that when properly maintained, as proven in a major university study, helps protect surfaces for an extended period of time, making them virtually uninhabitable for germs and viruses to survive. Our process is a non-toxic and a safe way to protect commercial and residential locations from invisible enemies.
step 1 - GENESIS Disinfecting and Deodorizing Treatment
The first step harnesses the power of hypochlorous acid (HOCI). This is a very powerful hospital grade disinfectant and sanitizer. It's a non-toxic and a naturally occurring oxidant (found in white blood cells) used medically as a wound care product as well as in hospitals against commonly found pathogens.
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step 2 - shield Microbial Barrier
The second step applies an invisible microscopic coating that when properly maintained, as proven in a major university study, helps protect surfaces for an extended period of time against the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. This technology is ideal for places where germ control is a top priority.
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Time to be proactive, instead of reactive
helping clients is our #1 priority
It's comforting to know that adding shield to our normal cleaning procedures has created a safer environments for our patients, staff and all of our families.
-Dr. G William Walker-
One of the important reasons for doing this, is to build confidence within our employees that we care about them.
-Barry Haenisch, Executive Director of TACS-
I spoke with Germinator and was very impressed with the project that they are doing, which would sanitize the whole entire place. We decided to turn over to the experts and let them do their job, so that we can get back to doing our job with your children
-Brad Davis, Owner of Ready Set Go Gymnastics-
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Latest News & Blog Posts
Zuni Detention Center Protected by Germinator Commercial Services
Germinator New Mexico Hired to Sanitize and Disinfect Zuni Detention Center August 04, 2020

Sanitizing and disinfecting is an important part of everything we do these days. The pandemic has shown us just how vulnerable we can be as a society.

Dr. Roscoe Moore Jr. Joins the Germinator Scientific Advisory Board
Germinator is Pleased to Add Dr. Roscoe Moore, Jr. to the Germinator Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) April 09, 2020

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing Franchising, Inc., a Georgia corporation and Germinator Mobile Sanitizing, LLC, a Delaware company, disinfection, and sanitization services providers, announced today that Dr. Roscoe Moore Jr. will join The Germinator ...

Blog What Does Prophylactic Spray Do?
What Does Prophylactic Spray Do? April 06, 2020

What does prophylactic spray do and what is it used for? Prophylactic spraying has been used in farming to help keep pests from destroying crops. As it applies to sanitizing, a prophylactic spray is used to help prevent germs and bacteria.

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